Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy 
Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy utilizes spirituality as a key component in alleviating suffering (depression, anxiety, grief, doubt, self-criticism, loneliness, etc.) 
and in living a fulfilling life aligned with your values. Sessions can focus on a variety of topics such as exploring relationship issues, discerning important life decisions, navigating life transitions, and cultivating forgiveness and compassion for self and others. They can be used for addressing what's unresolved in your heart, learning and deepening meditation and contemplative practices, and accessing and living by your deepest wisdom.

The therapy is guided by 3 questions: 

1. What is going on in your life right now? What are your day-to-day struggles?
2. How is your spiritual life going? What is happening with your contemplative practices? What is your relationship to the mystery of life? 
3. How are you experiencing the convergence of the spiritual in the ordinariness of everyday life?

Marie has a background in Buddhist psychology and incorporate its principles into therapy such as the importance of lovingkindness and present-moment awareness for healing and transformation. 

Insurance accepted
Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield,  Cigna,  Humana,  Medicare,  UMR,  UnitedHealthcare/Optum                        
Private pay - $150 per session, sliding scale available.  

Marie T. O'Neil, LCSW

Marie T. O'Neil ®      New Orleans, LA 70119      504.444.4344       marietoneil@gmail.com