Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual guidance explores the spiritual dimension of being human.

It is about tending to the garden of your heart, accessing your deep down wisdom, and cultivating the sacred in everyday life.

A central topic in spiritual guidance is your experience of the Divine, the Tao, Ultimate Reality, God, the Unconditioned - or whatever names or no name you use to refer to the deepest of truths.

Other topics:
-Contemplative practices
-Mystical experiences 
-      Stillness and silence
-Healing from spiritual wounds 
-Struggles with difficult, or changing theological beliefs
-Important life choices
-Spiritual community 
-Images of the divine (from childhood and contemporary)
-Spiritual aspirations; obstacles on the spiritual journey

Spiritual guidance differs from psychotherapy in that it does not focus on symptom reduction, problem-solving, or resolving trauma or psychological issues.  It differs from life coaching in that there are no goals to be achieved

Taking an interfaith/interspiritual approach, Marie works with people who are rooted in one tradition, those who draw from multiple traditions, and spiritual independents who do not identify with any tradition. 
Marie T. O'Neil, LCSW