Buddhist Meditation
Marie teaches meditations primarily from the tradition of early Buddhism (Theravada Buddhism). These meditations focus on steadying the mind (concentration), increasing awareness (vipassana, insight), and opening the heart. Practices for opening the heart include the brahma viharas (lovingkindness, compassion, appreciative joy & equanimity) as well as forgiveness and gratitude meditations. Walking meditation is another key practice. 

All meditations are taught as both formal and informal practices, with emphasis on practicality and integration into daily life. 

Mind-Body Medicine
Utilizing the Center for Mind-Body Medicine's model, Marie offers instruction in mind-body medicine.  In addition to meditation and mindfulness, mind-body medicine includes guided imagery, mindful movement, biofeedback, relaxation techniques, and exercises to connect with intuition.  

Meditation and mind-body medicine can be incorporated into integrative psychotherapy and spiritual direction.  Individual and group sessions focusing exclusively on meditation instruction are also available. 

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Marie T. O'Neil, LCSW